What is a cooperative?

Our cooperative, Peopleplace, is an organization that thrives through the collective forces of families, staff and the community.  Together we ensure that everything runs smoothly, from day to day operations, to long range planning, to facility upkeep and financial stability. The expectation is that a family enrolls their child in this school, not only because it is a wonderful early childhood program, but also to be an active part of their child’s first school experience.

What are my responsibilities in a cooperative?

A family’s responsibility is to participate in the way that works best for them.  We expect each family to participate in one parent workday (usually a Saturday morning dedicated to facility maintenance held fall, winter and spring), assist with one fundraising event, help in the classroom or provide a morning snack for the group once a month or choose a task such as laundry, supply shopping, or serving on a committee.  There are MANY ways to participate at Peopleplace.

What are the benefits of a cooperative?

There are many benefits to being a part of Peopleplace.  Over the years we have heard many parents remark on the lasting friendships they have made at Peopleplace.  Other parents find great satisfaction in spending time in their child’s classroom – seeing their child interact in a group, and developing relationships with peers and their teachers.  Another benefit is simply  appreciating the satisfaction that comes from volunteering.

Can family members or close friends volunteer in class?

Yes, family members, or family friends may volunteer in the classroom.  It is especially rewarding to have grandparents involved in the Peopleplace community.

How much do I have to volunteer? What is this I hear about points?

In the past, a point system was in place to ensure equity among the Peopleplace families’ volunteer hours.  While the point system helped families know how many hours they needed to volunteer, it did not distinguish or qualify the many ways families contribute to the school.

Currently, families are asked to complete a “commitment form.”  The form allows families to select from a variety of identified needs throughout the year ranging from helping in the classroom on a monthly or semi-regular basis, selecting one of the 3 Saturday workdays, choosing to assist with one of the school fundraising events, as well as other tasks to help keep the school running smoothly.  There is no set number of hours that a family must volunteer, but everyone must commit to helping in some way throughout the school year.