Just before we started our Thanksgiving vacation, the Upstairs class read a few different versions of the story “Stone Soup.”  The children were interested in how the people did not want to share their food when the story started, but ended up having a celebration together over the soup they had made from a stone!  Really? From a stone?!  No… they realized, there was some trickery involved, but the end result in each story is a happy meal with people who shared and worked together.  Do you think those people will be willing to share next time a stranger comes to town?  We all hope so!

On the Tuesday before break a little snowfall dusted the playground and made our classroom feel extra cozy.  We spent the morning preparing our own stone soup (we did wash the stones first), making biscuits, and even making our own butter.  Near the end of the morning, we set a beautiful celebration table and then came together to share our feast.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  What are YOU thankful for?  We here at Peopleplace are so thankful for the children we work with every day and the families who make this special place possible!

Stone Soup